The McAndrews Estate Project

Who We Are

This web site is run by a group of volunteers, all of whom either grew up exploring or have come to discover the interesting and mysterious property we call "The McAndrews Estate". We all share a love of recent history, nature, and the haunting beauty of the estate. We are in the midst of obtaining our official non-profit status under the name "The McAndrews Estate Preservation Society".

What We Do

  • Extensive research into the people, places, and times associated with the property
  • Digital archiving of all materials and artifacts on
  • Outreach to the community and support-building through our Facebook Group
  • Occasional educational tours/hikes of the estate.
  • Coordination with the Town of Cortlandt and Westchester County on issues of safety, trail maintenance, and policy,

Our Goals

  • Continue to research and document every aspect of known history regarding the McAndrews Estate
  • Establish historical signage/trail markers at the various ruins on the estate
  • Work with the Town of Cortlandt to maintain safe access, protect the remaining structures, clean up the trails, and preserve the present character of the property
  • Foster a sense of local historical pride
  • Establish a non-profit organization as a vehicle for fundraising, education and preservation

How You Can Help

There is an endless amount of research left before us. It is often tedious work, but sometimes the solving of historical riddles is an interesting and exciting reward. If the McAndrews Estate has been or is a part of your life, if you share our goals, contact us at .

We're also looking to raise money - first to establish a proper non-profit organization, then to create historical trail signs and create educational programs. If you're interested in being a financial supporter, please email us:

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