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In the woods of Westchester County, in a place that was once Oscawana-on-Hudson NY, are the remains of a grand 75 acre estate. It was once owned by Guillaume Reusens, a Belgian diplomat, tobacco baron, and breeder of fine race horses. His estate featured a huge Victorian mansion, a full sized race track complete with an elaborate two story judges' stand, fountains, the Colonial Fox / Cruger mansion, several other homes, and all the livestock, machinery, and staff needed to run a large working farm.

The McAndrews Estate, formerly known as Long View or Reusens Farm, was maintained and sustained by Guillaume Reusens and his descendants for 70 years. But in the 1960's - the property was abandoned. It fell into disrepair and was looted, vandalized, and set ablaze. It became a haven for curious teenagers. Its once open fields and avenues overgrown; its buildings crumbling and rotting.

By 1970 Westchester County had condemned and purchased the property from the McAndrews family, and then demolished almost all of the buildings and structures that remained. For the past 40+ years the property has remained open to the pubic as unincorporated park land. Where once there were open fields and stunning river views, there is now a towering forest. Generations of local residents have walked its trails, explored the ruins, and wondered about the history of this unique and mysterious place.

This web site is dedicated to unlocking the history and mystery of the McAndrews Estate. We seek to learn everything we can about this interesting historical place that so many people have shared in. Welcome again to McAndrewsEstate.org!

Appeal for the Return of Artifacts

When the McAndrews left the property in 1962, they left most of the contents of the houses - unsecured, likely containing priceless records and artifacts from the previous generations. Some of these materials were "liberated" by "visitors" to the estate. Our group is desperate to recover any missing artifacts, or at least knowledge of them. The statue of limitations regarding any theft, treppassing, or vandalism has long since passed. Please, if you or anyone you know has information, please in confidence.

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